Sunday, August 30, 2009

2 new sections are added to the mag-
health- pregnancy care is one of the stories
2.and the other is how the sea affect's people's health-
likee morning sickness for ex.

travel- places for weekend getaways

Also, 3 to 4 articles which do not fall under any particular section will be added in case we need to fill in space.

-a separate section (named ouch!)for the critical review has been cancelled.
also,names of certain sections have been changed, like building blocks has been finalised for education.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Story List and details

Ok, again, today a few stories were finalized. These are still waiting sir's approval, but this is what I have as of now.

Cover Story:
"The Big Mumbai Let-Down" (The main piece- 2 pages)
" 'Activism' In Mumbai" (Interview 1 page)
"Why The Mumbaikar Won't Fight Back" (Debate 1 page)
Profiling communities:
"The Jewish Community" (2 pages)
Pick Of Town:
"The Magic Touch" (2 Pages)
Unsung Heroes:
Shailesh Mishra (2 Pages)
Mood Piece:
Railway, T.C. related humorous piece (2 Pages)
"Pedestrians/Cyclists" (4 pages)
"Water Harvesting" (2 pages)
"Mallakham" (Hope the spelling is right) (3 pages)
"Sports Snippets" (1 page)
needs to be sorted out in class. (2-3 pages)
"Style Profiles" (4 pages)
some other piece
"UN Story" (2 pages)
"Different School" (1 Page)
"Beginner's giude to the BSE/ Investment" (2 pages)
Puzzles/cartoons etc. (1 page)
Event Listing (1 page)

This is what I have. Please throw suggestions and keep a copy of this with you. We need a lot more content. Considering the above, we have 34-35 pages of content. throw in the covers, edit note, contents and we just about touch 40. say another 5 for advertisements. what else?

Monday, August 24, 2009


I'm sorry for the delay, but here are some more details about the magazine.

Firstly, here are the departments each person is expected to handle:
1. Editorial team; Daniel, Shilpa, Rachel (Sub-editor)
2. Design; Isha (website to be handled by Jaydeep)
3. Marketing; Dhwani, Binny
4. Advertising; Jaydeep
5. Photography; Maithili
All departments will require aids from the class but the mentioned people are the co-ordinators.
Deanna still is not assigned any task. That needs to be looked into.

Some things to be done:
1. Primary importance for finalizing a name.
2. Isha and Jaydeep need to sit together and decide on the look of the magazine in hard copy and online which includes the logo, sections, themes colour schemes etc.
3. I need to sit with the Editorial team and finalize the content and stories and list out the pictures that need to be taken.
4. Once the above mentioned tasks are done, we need to design a timeline, assigning stories, pictures, editing tasks etc and fixing deadlines.

Here are the sections to be worked on: (I'm giving them names, just to be brief)
1. Cover Feature: This will include the cover story of around 3 pages. (We'd zeroed down to 'The Big Mumbai Let-Down' This will evolve around the short-lived euphoria of anything that happens in Mumbai.)There will be an interview of a page. ('Activism' in Mumbai.)Then there will be the debate section of another page. (Why a mumbaikar will not fight back)
2. Mumbaikars: Story of a citizen who has been doing something exemplary in the city. Could be anyone; charity doctor, door step school teacher etc.
3. People: Profile of lesser known communities in the city.
4. Pick of Town: The Best place to learn/ do something. Like, best place to learn jive or yoga etc.
5. City Stories: the usp of this feature is the writer. Given to one columnist, this will be a mood piece about life in the city
6. Reviews: There will be four; one of a regional book (classic), An English book, One local band and perhaps one other thing (Could be food)
7. Development story: Infrastructure related.
8. Sports story: Sportsrelated (Duh!)
9. Lifestyle: Could be a piece on inexpensive ways of making your interiors look good or something.
10. Finance: Piece by professional on how to manage ur finances or the ABC of the stock market.
11. Education :Piece on courses happening with the university or something.
12. Puzzles etc: I'm not explaining this!

suggestions... PLEASE!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

The naming ceremony....

We've gotta name the magazine. Here are a few names that came up:
salt city
salt street
bun maska

i'll add more as they come, but please think and comment.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Updates on magazine

Today in class, much thought was given to the class project of making a magazine. Several things were discussed revolving mainly around the theme of the magazine and the target group. A few things were broadly decided: the age group of the reader was fixed to be between 18 to 35. The income group being high, above 30,000 per month. The language of the reader was decided to be english and hindi and they would be residents between bandra and borivali. The frequency of publication would be once a month. Though Almost all this is still open to change and can be talked over, it is widely advisable to keep these in mind when thinking about the content. In the content, though nothing concrete has been decided, sections were talked over. One could be a reader generated event listing. Another section could be the profiling of the lesser known communities of the city. Another suggestion was of covering the best places to learn different things in town, like the best dance classes, gymnastic trainers etc. Another section would be profiling extraordinary people working in the city etc. There could also be a feature dedicated to stories from the railways, since a lot of interesting stories emerge from the locals. There obviously is the section for the cover story. Again, these were only briefly discussed today so there is a lot of room for work. The people in charge of marketing are to pay careful attention to details of the magazine in order to be able to propose a promotional campaign. There is also a website and an e-version to be thought about. For further discussion, a greater attendance will be prefered since a lot of decisions require class opinion. Hope to see everyone at 8 tomorrow for further deliberation on the project.