Monday, July 27, 2009

My Observations

As was told in class, I chose to observe the online versions of the following magazines:

The National Geographic:
To say the least, the site is interactive. And by this, I don't mean the National Geographic general site, but the site for the magazine. It has the content from the current issue but it also offers users the facility of uploading their own pictures and has picture contests. There are opinion polls too. There are picture puzzles which are quite interesting. There is a lot that one can explore on the site, including the archives. It is also visually very pleasing. The advertisements are selectively placed so that they merge with the rest of the page in terms of appearance as well as content. Keeping in mind that it caters to a well defined niche, it has amazing appeal for its category

The Outlook:
The page for the magazine has almost the same look and feel as the hard copy of the magazine. Not too interactive, it has all the content from the current issue and access to the archives on the right of the page; prominent among them being the last issue and the issue from 10 years ago.other than that, it has links to the other Outlook publications like The Traveller etc. Pretty straight forward and information based, without too much ado. One may find it lacking in energy. 

The Economist:
Again, like The Outlook this e-edition is also a reflection of its printed edition. All the contents of the current issue are arranged section wise with links to the main article. There are no advertisements on the page other than those of its online debate series and one advertisement for for The Financial Times. One may find it lacking in energy too but considering that this publication targets an elite population, it shouldn't be a problem. Though there is no direct link to archives, there are a series of links on the left of the page which provide sufficient tools for research.

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