Tuesday, July 28, 2009

attention Ms Rachna Shetty !!:P

hi maam
this post is just to tell u how extremly stupid we behaved today. and how extremely sorry we are for causing the inconvienience to u. we know maam that u are going to a real big extent to teach us this subject and that u really dont have the need for it .. but we really appreciate your effort and we are extremely grateful to have u as our teacher. this is a promise thatw e make u to today that we will never ever repeat this mistake ever , and that if we ever dare to repeat this u have the liberty to whip us ( with as many blows u feel like ).. but maam sincerely sorry for the trouble we caused and we just wanted to know that , we really enjoy your lecture , and that we are not just writing this down to make u feel good. but that we really like your lecture. we know we have been acting like losers in your class and that u have evry right to be angry on us .. but this we promise we wont dare to repeat the same mistake twice .. promise.
so we ill be there on time in good numbers for your next lecture. and will work hard to live upto your expectations .
yours faithfully
TYBMM journo class.

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