Monday, August 24, 2009


I'm sorry for the delay, but here are some more details about the magazine.

Firstly, here are the departments each person is expected to handle:
1. Editorial team; Daniel, Shilpa, Rachel (Sub-editor)
2. Design; Isha (website to be handled by Jaydeep)
3. Marketing; Dhwani, Binny
4. Advertising; Jaydeep
5. Photography; Maithili
All departments will require aids from the class but the mentioned people are the co-ordinators.
Deanna still is not assigned any task. That needs to be looked into.

Some things to be done:
1. Primary importance for finalizing a name.
2. Isha and Jaydeep need to sit together and decide on the look of the magazine in hard copy and online which includes the logo, sections, themes colour schemes etc.
3. I need to sit with the Editorial team and finalize the content and stories and list out the pictures that need to be taken.
4. Once the above mentioned tasks are done, we need to design a timeline, assigning stories, pictures, editing tasks etc and fixing deadlines.

Here are the sections to be worked on: (I'm giving them names, just to be brief)
1. Cover Feature: This will include the cover story of around 3 pages. (We'd zeroed down to 'The Big Mumbai Let-Down' This will evolve around the short-lived euphoria of anything that happens in Mumbai.)There will be an interview of a page. ('Activism' in Mumbai.)Then there will be the debate section of another page. (Why a mumbaikar will not fight back)
2. Mumbaikars: Story of a citizen who has been doing something exemplary in the city. Could be anyone; charity doctor, door step school teacher etc.
3. People: Profile of lesser known communities in the city.
4. Pick of Town: The Best place to learn/ do something. Like, best place to learn jive or yoga etc.
5. City Stories: the usp of this feature is the writer. Given to one columnist, this will be a mood piece about life in the city
6. Reviews: There will be four; one of a regional book (classic), An English book, One local band and perhaps one other thing (Could be food)
7. Development story: Infrastructure related.
8. Sports story: Sportsrelated (Duh!)
9. Lifestyle: Could be a piece on inexpensive ways of making your interiors look good or something.
10. Finance: Piece by professional on how to manage ur finances or the ABC of the stock market.
11. Education :Piece on courses happening with the university or something.
12. Puzzles etc: I'm not explaining this!

suggestions... PLEASE!!


  1. ok we need to finalise a name i asked a few people in college and a few friends ... and acording to most of them ...all the names we thought about are not really nice in the sense, it wwould not make a person read the magazine so yeah according to me we need to start afresh when it comes to names...
    Also what are we looking at in the sports section? likee some local tournament or something or a feature on any spots dyin out in mumbai?

  2. i guess local activities. there are a billion n one matches happening across the city in various games. The D.Y. Patil stadium is the next new thing...We'll have to look into that.

  3. and about the name, well, yeah, even i got the same response. people don't identify with 'salt city' as mumbai....

  4. was talkin to mom about the name thing, n she suggested 'here n there' or 'mumbai here n there' or even 'idhar udhar'
    dunno how useful this is, but since we've gotta start somewhere, here's a coin in the pool....