Thursday, August 27, 2009

Story List and details

Ok, again, today a few stories were finalized. These are still waiting sir's approval, but this is what I have as of now.

Cover Story:
"The Big Mumbai Let-Down" (The main piece- 2 pages)
" 'Activism' In Mumbai" (Interview 1 page)
"Why The Mumbaikar Won't Fight Back" (Debate 1 page)
Profiling communities:
"The Jewish Community" (2 pages)
Pick Of Town:
"The Magic Touch" (2 Pages)
Unsung Heroes:
Shailesh Mishra (2 Pages)
Mood Piece:
Railway, T.C. related humorous piece (2 Pages)
"Pedestrians/Cyclists" (4 pages)
"Water Harvesting" (2 pages)
"Mallakham" (Hope the spelling is right) (3 pages)
"Sports Snippets" (1 page)
needs to be sorted out in class. (2-3 pages)
"Style Profiles" (4 pages)
some other piece
"UN Story" (2 pages)
"Different School" (1 Page)
"Beginner's giude to the BSE/ Investment" (2 pages)
Puzzles/cartoons etc. (1 page)
Event Listing (1 page)

This is what I have. Please throw suggestions and keep a copy of this with you. We need a lot more content. Considering the above, we have 34-35 pages of content. throw in the covers, edit note, contents and we just about touch 40. say another 5 for advertisements. what else?


  1. wat about having something on the partying circuit in mumbai.. a high end peice on the mumbai nightlife. will have a lot of readers-- the youth and otherwise too..

    this for the lifestyle section

  2. y dont we just call the magazine 'mumbaikar'

  3. listen another suggestion... why dont we selec a few awesome pics from sacred mumbai project and amke a collage or put that somewher in the amgazine...?...then then ... thers another suggestion... like see there are tribes /villages in mumbai itself... we can include stories of it, .. lastly i am quite obsessed wiht the name " earthy essences' please try to fit that somewher ... and and for the lifestyle section i was wondering .. if we cud do a dark section.. like the social circuits and pyschological transitions .